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“Adventures In The Land Of Twang

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  1. Gimme My Second Of Fame!
  2. Guitar Party With Mr. Smith
  3. Get Out Of The Van!
  4. Lollypop Queen
  5. I Feel So Oriental Baby!
  6. The Gentle Wave
  7. Gotham City Stomp
  8. Ghost Town
  9. Cowboy Of The Ocean
  10. Groovy Chick
  11. Slow Motion Day
  12. She Looks So Cute With A Ponytail
  13. Riot In Sesame Street
  14. In The Desert Island Lounge
  15. The Princess Of Cool
  16. Granola Girl
  17. She Wears Shades In The Dark
  18. Swamp Train
  19. Stevie’s Trip To California
  20. The Last Day Of Summer
  21. Lonely