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“Gimme Some Noise!

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  1. Gimme Some Noise!
  2. She Looks So Cute I Wanna Die
  3. Thunderbird101
  4. Let’s Go Down To Brighton
  5. Punk! Punk! Rocker!
  6. You & Me Under The Christmas Tree
  7. Ready For Some Action
  8. Lambretta Shake
  9. Watching The Blood In The Bull’s Eye
  10. Global Warming Party
  11. (I Burned My Skin In) Traffico Intenso
  12. Revolution? Maybe On Monday…
  13. The Revenge Of The Cookie Monster
  14. Why Should I Walk When I Can Run?
  15. Ain’t No Fun Being Me Today
  16. Your Muffin Top Looks Kinda Sexy
  17. Insomniac Blues
  18. Yes, It Hurts, But I l Like The Pain
  19. Beam Me Out Of This Trashy Movie